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Power Graphics can not only design your web site, we can also host and manage it.
hosting web management
Selecting the correct host is important if you want your site up 24/7. Power Graphics only uses hosting services that have dedicated servers and back-up systems at two or more physical locations. If one server goes down, the back-ups take over.

Hosting services include e-mails, url registration, e commerce systems, and various data base support software.

Call Power Graphics today and after we analyze your needs we'll give you a proper quote. There is no need to pay for costly hosting services you'll never use.

Keeping your web site up and running is important for everyone. Power Graphics bends over backwards for each client when problems occur, and this is included in your hosting fee.

When updates are needed, Power Graphics' charges on a 1/2 hour basis. This helps keep your costs down and your web site up to date. Contact Power Graphics to talk to us about how we can manage your web site.

dynamic self management services
Dynamic web site design allows Power Graphic customers to manually update their sites from a customer only data change page. This page can only be accessed with a user name and password.

Dynamic web site solutions work very well for scheduling monthly events, posting times, or keeping an online catalog up to date. No special training is needed.

E-commerce systems can be set up for web sites needing credit card purchasing. Power Graphics partners with Electronic Merchant Systems of Cleveland, Ohio to provide safety with secure transactions without the need for a third party. If your organization has one item to sell or hundreds, Power Graphics can provide the solutions.
search enigines
Search engines are an ongoing challenge to keep your site registered or at the top of the listings. Power Graphics will design your site with keywords, meta tags and the proper navigation tools. If a search engine reviews your site, and it is not properly set up or the wrong keywords are used, it may be black balled. Talk to the experts at Power Graphics and we can implement the current assets needed to get listed with the top search engines.
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